This position involves the sales of machines, devices,etc. mainly at automotive component manufacturing sites.

Position Details

■Machinery/Component Sales

Comments from a Current Employee

A position in sales consists of taking orders for jigs/tools, components for specific machinery, etc. used mainly in the manufacture of components by large-scale automotive manufacturers. You then put in requests to subcontractors for production, and deliver the finished goods.
A large number of the orders are made-to-order products, so a high level of quality is required, and turnaround times are extremely strict.
To do this, I'm always be thinking about how I will manage those requirements on behalf of YMD and my subcontractors.
There are times in this position when you need to face tough problems head on, but I feel that is what has allowed me to gain a sense of satisfaction in my work, as well as really let me grow.
And when the customer shows you their gratitude, there really is nothing better.
YMD has a very homely corporate culture. When I first joined the company, I had no experience with manufacturing, didn't know any of the terminology, and couldn't read blueprints. However, I am where I am today thanks to the kind instruction I received from the senior employees around me, and I was able to learn all of my duties.
The relationship of trust with customers and subcontractors built by senior employees also allows me to enjoy my work. I hope to increase my level of worth by continuing to keep my role as a helping hand to my customers as my number one priority.


Sales Assistant

This position involves working with staff in charge of sales to offer support with sales work.
From the office, you will work with customers over the phone, check e-mails and faxes, create a variety of invoices, work with orders, manage deadlines, etc.

Position Details

■In-house management support / various document creation /
 work with orders / cargo packing
■Taking care of e-mails/phone calls/faxes/etc.

Comments from a Current Employee

A sales assistant plays a support role from the office to those in charge of sales.
In addition to such duties as creating invoices for received orders, managing turnaround times and progress, and creating estimates, you sometimes exchange phone calls and e-mails with customers and subcontractors on behalf of the staff in charge of sales.
You also grow in your flexibility to handle anything that comes your way as you experience various kinds of work apart from your normal duties.
Also, YMD is a very easy company to work for with its corporate culture of strong relationships between employees, and no matter your position, being able to speak freely and say what you feel.
I am able to work unrestricted as I can consult with my supervisor and senior staff without any hesitation.
I like to work with invoices and make documents more accurately and effectively, as well as communicate with customers, subcontractors, and staff in charge of sales in a courteous way to help everyone be able to perform their own work in a comfortable manner. I also think about the things asked of me in each particular situation as I work to better act upon them.
Keeping all of this in mind, I constantly work to become an even more valuable sales assistant to our customers and everyone in the company.



This position involves conducting inspections of products before delivery to the customer.

Position Details

■Product Inspection

Comments from a Current Employee

This job entails promising the utmost quality—the strength of YMD. I perform inspections on products using both machinery and my own eyes before delivery to the customer.
It is through these inspections that YMD is able to earn such an extremely good reputation from customers regarding the quality of its products. I am in charge of preserving that trust, created by senior employees.
Day by day, I pay careful attention to each and every product in my inspections.
This job is a big responsibility, and the work requires incredible nerve, but I am proud to have the work of such an important process entrusted to me.
And since this is an industry in which new products and technologies are born every day, I naturally am able to absorb different kinds of knowledge. I believe that is one interesting aspect of this work.


General Affairs Section

A position in this section involves carrying out various work to ensure the smooth running of the organization as well as to create a comfortable work environment for employees. Your work consists of a wide variety of tasks such as handling phone calls and visiting customers, accounting, personnel recruitment, labor management, and managing sudden matters other sections are unable to handle.